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The Perfect Addition to your Nursery: Hand and Footprint Kits

Posted by Heather Couillard on

The Perfect Addition to your Nursery: Hand and Footprint Kits - Up & Raise® - Best Fetal Doppler and Baby Products

The process of growing a new life is an at-times odd one that will see you staring blankly at two types of seemingly identical diapers wondering “which one do I need?” and “how many of these does a baby go through in a day?!” (you’ll be surprised just how many they need…) or running around baby shops picking up everything and anything that melts your heart. But, there is one thing that might have us moms-to-be in an equally excited (and a little panicked) frenzy; the nursery!

Designing your babies nursery is a creative and often emotional adventure and just like the little bundle of joy you will be bringing into the world, you will want to create an equally beautiful space to bring them into. Though the process should (and usually will) be exciting, it can also be a rather daunting one.
What colors do you use? Traditional pink for a girl, blue for a boy? What even is “traditional” anymore? Neutral? Maybe you don’t know your babies gender, how do you decorate for that surprise!? You’ve purchased the all-essential diapers (lots of them!) and onesies and maybe you’ve even purchased your perfect crib, but now you’re wondering how to add that extra special touch to your little one’s space.

Up & Raise baby handprint and footprint kit
The answer might just lie (literally) in the hands of your eagerly awaited little one.
A practical nursery will be ready-to- change as your baby grows, so adding a personal touch that fits the needs of an ever-evolving room is essential. Think; something that won’t take up too much room, something artistic, adaptable and most importantly, special. Think; those precious first moments captured in a frame, but not just a photo, think of your baby at his/her smallest, their tiny details captured in time. Think you’ve got it?

Up & Raise ® Hand/footprint kits - the humble hero among baby shower gifts and decor items make the perfect addition to any nursery. Capture the tiniest details in the impossibly tiny fingers and toes forever in a precious frame and no matter what nursery theme you’ve picked, the precious memory will fit its place, creating that extra special and everlasting touch. Whether it be a clay imprint or ink that captures every little unique fingerprint, these framed memories are an essential addition for any nursery requiring that extra personal touch!

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