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Congratulations on bringing a child into the world, it is truly a joyous, miraculous and fulfilling thing to do. When you think about all the vomiting, irritation, and mood swings you had to go through over 9 months added to the eventual birth of your child and the overwhelming and undescribeable feeling you experienced, you just have to agree with me that the baby deserves only the best, and you will undoubtedly do anything within your power to make sure that bundle of joy in your arms doesn’t lack anything in life.


Not to take any of that away from you, but have you given thought to where the baby gets to stay after you might have been discharged from the hospital? In between, you and your partner on your matrimonial bed is no safe or permanent place for a newborn baby neither is a push about cradle. The baby needs a room to his or herself. Take it from a mother, it is better for your peace of mind and that of the baby’s if there is an entire room different from that which you stay. Now, what type of room do you need? You need a room that speaks baby, a room that feels like the whole universe to the baby. You need a NURSERY!

Well, congratulations again, you were able to get a room you intend to use for a nursery, what next? Having in mind that the room is for a baby, the next thing on getting the nursery ready list is baby proofing. Seeing as the nursery is going to serve the baby over the next few years, baby proofing the nursery is paramount. No one wants their baby to leave his room at will only to end up tumbling down the stairs or stick his/her hand in a power outlet. Baby proofing entails getting rid of or limiting the baby’s access to things that might harm him or her. Block all power outlets in the nursery, rid it of all sharp and small objects that the baby could easily swallow, make sure your baby’s nursery is a haven for the he/she.

After you might have baby proofed the nursery, the next thing to do is decoration, an area in which most parents falter. An important thing to put in mind is the fact that the nursery is neither for you nor your partner but rather for the baby, it should be all about the baby. How would you feel if your parents had a mural of chimpanzees on your wall because they think chimpanzees are funny? Exactly! You want the color of the nursery to be one which makes the baby happy rather than a general color (blue for boys, pink for girls). You can also try mixing the colors to give the nursery a dreamy or magical feel, kids tend to appreciate this more. Once you can get the ideal color for the nursery, you should start thinking about other things to hang around to make the nursery look more beautiful, and this article is here to help you out with that.

Get toys that make soothing sounds and hang around the baby’s cradle to aid sleep, then take numerous pictures of the baby and hang them all around the room, throw in little alphabets and numbers charts and you have yourself the basic nursery. However, if you want to give little Chris or Tasha’s nursery that extra touch of personality, you should consider adding the following items:

  • Hand and footprints frame carrying their prints.
  • Letter boards.

The handprint frame can be hung right next to the taken pictures to give the room an elegant look. It could even be a way of measuring your child’s growth and an everyday reminder of how far you have come. You could take pictures, and prints say every six months, hang them side by side with a label to keep you from forgetting or making inaccurate guesses as to what age your child was when you documented said prints and took said picture.

The letter board(s) can be used to leave sweet messages and faces for the baby to assure them they are loved, cherished, and never alone in this world. It can also be used to reprimand your baby, a sad or angry emoji shows the baby your emotion and lets him understand that he is doing something wrong. Leaving messages such as “Good morning, afternoon, night”, “Dad and mum loves you” “have a good day” “a smiling emoji”, etc. on a letter board and hanging it in strategic places in the nursery also makes the room look more elegant and makes the child feel as though the whole world starts and ends in his nursery.

letter board felt letter board

Decorating the nursery with hand and footprint frames and letter boards can also help you and your partner reduce the number of sleepless nights you experience as babies sleep more peacefully when they are in a place they are comfortable in. Seeing his prints and messages left on a letter board by his parents, a baby is bound to feel less frightened and more at home than when the sight he wakes up to behold is a neatly arranged pile of books in the far corner of the room.

With their popularity increasing, there are lots of good prints frames and letter boards products that are easy to use. But the most important things to take note of when buying the hand and footprints frame, is a mess-free ink that leaves no ink on the baby’s hands and feet.

Once you’ve been able to hang the print frames and the letter boards fashionably, congratulations (I promise, this is the last one), your nursery is all set to host your baby!

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