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Things to Look For When Purchasing a Fetal Doppler

Posted by Sonia Jiang on

up & raise fetal doppler

You decided you want to invest in a fetal doppler, but the options available online are overwhelming. How can you be sure to choose the right one?


Here are five things to look for when browsing through at-home fetal dopplers. Make sure that you are purchasing:



A doppler that is safe and FDA approved

It is essential that the doppler you purchase is FDA approved, so that you ensure that you are using the safest possible unit. The Up and Raise Fetal Heartbeat Monitor is FDA approved, safe, reliable, and easy to use. It runs on very low levels of power, making it safe to use over the entire length of a pregnancy.


A doppler with an LCD, light up screen

Many at-home dopplers will let you hear your baby’s heartbeat, but will not allow you to see his or her actual heart rate. The Up and Raise Fetal Heartbeat Monitor is one of the only dopplers on the market that has an LCD, light up screen (allowing you to listen to your baby’s heart rate at night, in the dark, if necessary) that allows you to see your baby’s exact heart rate. This will give you the most complete information about your baby’s heart health. It also allows you to easily regulate volume.


A doppler that detects a heartbeat at 12 weeks

The Up and Raise Fetal Heartbeat Monitor will detect a heart rate between 8 and 16 weeks of pregnancy. Most women will be able to hear their babies’ heartbeats by 12 weeks of pregnancy, and some as late as 16 weeks.




A doppler with an extra set of earphones or loudspeaker option

There is nothing more thrilling than listening to your baby’s heartbeat with your partner and/or family. The Up and Raise Fetal Heartbeat Monitor not only provides you with a set of earphones (to listen alone), but also provides you with a sturdy base that doubles as a loudspeaker. This allows you to share this special moment with those around you!


A doppler that records heartbeat

If you have family or friends abroad, or you simply want to keep your baby’s heartbeat as a keepsake, the Up and Raise Fetal Heartbeat Monitor allows you to easily record and save your baby’s heartbeat as sound clips (whether to your cellphone or computer). You can then send, share, or listen to the recording as often as you’d like.

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